Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where does she like to be touched?

anons, my curiosity has been aroused.
Where do your girlfriends like to be touched intimately? Apart from the bleeding obvious (no pun intended) is there anywhere unusual you females like to be stimulated?

The best few are on the small of the back with a big hand, like open, gives them some protection feeling or some sh*t.
Also, the spot between the thighs
kissing the collarbone

flat palm in the back of the neck
both hands around throat

flat palm in the back of the neck
both hands around throat

fist in mouth

Gently nibbling on the earlobes can do wonders

Theres a full thread about how to arsef**k yourself with a sharpie and only 3 comments here
<3 anonymous

The small of her back turns her on incredibly. Also under the breast.

Her back, legs, hips and neck.

small of her back
put your arm around her rib cage instead of around her shoulders

She likes it when I tickle her penis.

Soft kisses/nibbling on the neck or up the inner thighs. Up or down the stomach, along the spine, along the small of the back. Around the breasts. Softness, gentleness, slowness - all key.

Gently nibbling on the earlobes can do wonders

I was going to post that I really enjoy that, but you beat me to it.

Ears, neck, inner thighs, back of legs, and feet.

Kissing on the hipbone, back of the neck (especially if I work my way gradually to nibbling on the ear- sh*t is so cash).

I like large objects shoved into my ear canal

back of the neck, inner thighs, pretty much anywhere around the pu**y, collarbone/neck area, small of the back, or just anywhere on the back, really..

I've been feeling up her tits a lot more lately, she loves it

Earlobes and backs of arms is what my lady wants

I love being kissed on my neck. But only kissed - not touched, if that counts. Other than that... just my sides I guess, they're really sensitive.

My ex had an oral fixation, so she loved kissing and touching of the mouth. She was also very sensitive around her neck; one time I was playing around and pretended to choke her and she got aroused. And then her nipples were extremely sensitive; we were making out once and I started rubbing them and she claims she had an orgasm. I didn't think that was possible, but she did react the same way as when I would finger her.
Even after all that sexual contact, I never f**ked her, however. I was in love with somebody else and knew the relationship wouldn't go anywhere, so I tried to do the noble thing and not get to serious with her. That was back when I still respected women though; if it were now I just wouldn't give a f**k (or should I say, "would give a f**k?" harhar).

The neck, back, hips and breasts

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