Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have you been affected by suicide?

Since we have a 2-3 suicide threads a week has anyone here actually been affected personally by a suicide? Tell us your story.

Well, one kid killed himself during senior year at my High school last year.
It was weird since people came up saying how much of a bright future he had, how he touched peoples lives, and they were even talking about how they will always remember the advice he gave them.
Then I thought "Sh*t, no one is going to remember me".
but yeah it was a tragedy, people came to class crying.

One of my best friends attempted suicide a few months ago.
It was some scary sh*t, but she's recovering.

My neighbor commited suicide when I was 7. He had some terminal illness and lived alone. I sort of knew him, we invited him over for dinner a couple of times, and Id go over to his house and play with his dogs on occassion. sometimes hed tell me stories if he wasnt feeling too sick.
Anyways, one night we just heard this noise from next door, and thought nothing of it. I guess some neighbor had called the ambulance, because 10 minutes later there was an enormous amount of officials in his driveway. They told us he had shot himself.
His dogs were put down when no one would adopt them. The house was sold to some cranky old bitch who wouldnt ever tell me stories.
I really miss him.

this kid made fun of me, and i hoped he would die. and he killed himself a month later and i was like lol he was a douche anyway

some kid at my high school killed himself by I think throwing himself off the Ben Frankllin Bridge. really f**ked up.
gf's roommate slit her wrists, but she lived.
sh*t's weak

my uncle shot himself. The jury's still out on whether or not it was on purpose or accidentally. He had a ton of alcohol in his system and owned a bunch of guns and nearly shot his own feet off several times while playing with them while drunk. The glock he did it with had a hair trigger and he took the trigger guard off.

A kid at my school offed himself with a shotgun when I was a junior at high school. Everyone was all weepy about it but I didnt give a sh*t. However a month ago a kid I used to be annoyed by in high school hung himself. He was quite harmless, actually quite a novelty that I think about it. He had assburgers and looked like he was twelve when he was actually eighteen. He'd wear a big f**king coat year round and collect a sh*t ton of pens and pencils for no reason. He'd collect pokemon cards and draw his own porn in class, mainly of people he knew, including me. I was never mean to him, only slightly annoyed when he'd say "SHUT UP ANON", playfully of course, he'd mean no harm. I actually miss that little guy.

I knew a kid in highschool who killed himself; he was gay and his parents abused him (violently). He offed himself when some guy he liked rejected him, apparently in a very cruel way. Sucks I guess. None of the guys really gave a sh*t, more than saying, "yeah, it's really sad." But he was friends with a lot of girls, some of whom cried.
I also knew a girl who was depressed and spoke of killing herself. One night she called me to say goodbye and said she was drinking Draino. I didn't want to call 911 because I thought she might be attention-whoring, so I drove over to her house and made her smoke weed until she passed out. She did have the draino, but hadn't drank any. I took it from her. A month or so later she got a boyfriend and suddenly was happy and relatively normal. She also stopped speaking with me haha.

The first friend I made in high school had major depression and would constantly talk to me about how he wanted to commit suicide. About a month later he stopped showing at school, and I haven't heard from him since =\
I'm not sure if he ever went through with it, but his absence was quite distressing to me at the time.

uh... let's see. freshman year of high school, a friend of mine hung himself.
sophomore year, a friend shot himself in the head, and not long after a couple of girls both wanted the same kind of attention and killed themselves. almost had my best friend OD, and was put on a suicide watch myself.
since then, nothing really.

in hs a guy found out his girlfriend was cheating on him for a ni**er. went home and hung himself in his backyard. He mustve did right before his parents came home or someone was already there at the house because they found him before he died. but he had already been without oxygen for so long he was brain dead. his parents kept him on life support for 2 days before taking him off. like 2 days later they had the funeral. the school pretty much excused everyone for the day to go to the funeral from like 10am to 1pm. Like 6/8ths of the school left, and only 1/8th of them went to the funeral.

My freshman year my great uncle found out he had cancer and shot himself. I didn't learn that he killed himself until just a few months ago.
One of my friends overdosed senior year. His absolute best friend purposely OD'd last April on the anniversary of my other friend's death. Then a few days later an other friend from the group hung herself. And then one more from the group shot himself.
F**k I'm lonely.

guy in the dorms killed himself. dunno why or who he was. Just know that the grief counselors were little bitches bugging the sh*t out of us daily for a few weeks afterwards asking that if we felt sad to tell someone.

My sister tried once. I was playing Metroid Prime while she was in the hospital getting her stomach pumped. F**K YEAH!

Some motherf**ker at my highschool just shot himself in the head a few days ago or something. I don't really give a sh*t myself, I barely knew him, but you know. Every year some dumb motherf**ker dies or murders somebody it seems.

My grandmother was a diabetic and when I was 12 or so, she didn't take her insulin and proceeded to eat a gallon of mint chocolate ice cream.
She was dead that afternoon.
I didn't care at the time, I just knew my mom was upset, and then I was upset.

No story, but here's some green text
>Father did
>Two uncles did

Yeah, like a billion stupid kids have been jumping off the bridges at Cornell and now they put up f**king fences that obscure my view of the lake from the gorge while I'm walking to/from class. Can't they at least have the decency to not f**k things up for others when they decide to off themselves?

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