Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can't take compliments gracefully

How do you deal with compliments, anonymous?
People have a tendency to be surprised when they first meet me, it seems, and always say something along the lines of "I think you are funny, anon" or "you are my new favorite person"
Now I am not a very proud person and I am a fairly big spaz when it comes to this. Recently, I've just started ignoring the compliments or doing a goofy ass embarrassed smile.
How do you deal with them, anonymous and what advice do you have with responding to them?

>implying Anonymous get compliments irl.
i smile when my robros like my posts

Ignore it, f**k yeah!

is that Cleopatra 2525?

I pretty much have no idea what to do with myself when I get compliments.
I pretty much go into herp derp derp mode.

is that Cleopatra 2525?

>look at filename
>finger butthole

I generally flash a perplexed smile.
Except I'm not very good at judging faces. So it ends up looking like I'm constipated.
I think you're supposed to reply to compliments with something witty or cute. Or another compliment.

Compliments? What are those?

then compliment them on something that you've noticed about them
When people compliment you, they are making you feel good, so make them feel good back.
if you havn't noticed anything, for the love of god don't make something up unless you are smooth enough to pull it off which most aren't. Just continue with whatever you were originally talking about.

I usually assume the person has a disingenuous intent, say thanks if I'm not sure what their intentions are, and go about with my day.

I say something like "uh lol thanks lol"
Man I swear compliments are almost as hard to deal with as insults 3:

Say "thanks," in a non-big deal way, and move on.

It usually backfires on them if they comment on any kind of state that they think I might have. Sh*t is not neutral.

I basically go herp derp like you and the other anon
compliments suck

I usually respond with "thanks, you have a great (smile eyes hair sense of humor, pick one). If they are around you long enough for you to make then feel like that, then they must have some redeeming quality you can compliment them on. If not then just say thank you and continue what was happening before that. It is not f**king hard, but is something to know. I used to have the same question, but just got comfortable with being complimented.

Compliments suck because they disrupt the flow of the neutral conversation and it feels like the other person is trying to play you.
Dammit I know what I am. Stop telling me bullsh*t or trying to make me dependent on you.
To me compliments are the same as insults.

Most azn languages have a word to acknowledge and dismiss a compliment.
Chinese: Na li
Japanese: Iie

i do the smile. It works for allmost anything

I don't take them well, I laugh them off awkwardly or say "thanks." I don't like them.

Smile awkwardly or thank them. Unless someone says something overtly sexual like "nice ass!", then I just glare.

I don't take compliments particularly well but try to say something equally as nice in response. I often use compliments as a way to start a conversation with someone-- showing interest or some sh*t.

Since the only person who compliments me lately is my boyfriend, I do a lot of "noufgt". Or I blush and look away.
I really dislike compliments because accepting them feels like agreeing with what that person has said about you.

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